How to set up your cam room

In this video, we will share with you a few important tips about your cam room set-up.

You do not need any advanced equipment, but it will benefit you to have more elaborate setups if you want to increase the quality of your cam sessions and as a result our earnings.


Firstly find the right light for you, have a look and see if you want it to be brighter. Find the right angle for your light and camera to work well together. Experiment with lighting and angle to see what suits you best. Make sure there are no shadows on you.


Prefer to have a nice and neutral to not distract the members and for you to be the centre.


Choose a high-quality camera that will be able to autofocus easily. Don’t forget to place it at the best angle to the best lighting possible.


A gaming laptop or gaming pc would be a lot faster than a regular one.

It will be to your benefit if you use a Wireless keyboard and mouse so you can type and reply without having to be next to your stream. This gives you the feeling of freedom as well.

Toys and Props

Give your audience the opportunity to connect with Lovense so they can tip you. This gives the audience the excitement that they are controlling the show.


Set up a speaker in the background so you can play some music, allowing you to create a nice atmosphere. Make sure to use copyright-free music. Additionally, for a better setup, use a microphone to capture your voice clearly and purely from wherever you are sitting, without the need to be in front of the screen.

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