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Welcome to the AdultWork Academy! Today, we are going to explore how to unlock your earning potential using DirectChat. Find out all about it below.
As an Offering Services, you can set the per-minute price you’d like to be paid and supply the number you’d like to receive calls on, which will remain anonymous. It’s easy to set or change the price per minute – simply visit the web app option, select the Phone Chat tab, change the DirectChat price per minute in the relevant box, and press Save.
To set (or change) your price per minute:

  1. Go here using the web app
  2. Select the Phone Chat tab
  3. Change the DirectChat price per minute in the relevant box
  4. Press Save

For Seeking Services, calling a central number and entering a PIN number relevant to the service provider they wish to chat with will connect them to the provider via their nominated phone number. Their credits will be debited automatically based on the duration of the call and the price set by the Offering Services.
We want to make sure that both Offering Services and Seeking Services have a smooth and seamless experience. Therefore, calls will only be connected if the Seeking Services has enough funds to conduct at least a 5-minute call and the Offering Services is active and available for DirectChat.

As an Offering Services, all you need to know is that calls coming to your nominated number from 02081148000 are part of this scheme. You’ll receive credits, by the second, for the duration of the call at the price you have specified for DirectChat. Any calls coming from other numbers won’t be part of this scheme, and you won’t be credited unless a manual phone chat booking has been set up.

Phone chat fees example: price 1 credit/min, call duration 2 mins 30 secs, the service provider receives 2.5 credits.
The telecom facilitator of this service has imposed a charge of 0.15 credits per minute (billed per second) that is automatically deducted from the service provider at the end of the call. (While increasing your desired rate might seem like a good idea, you should remember that the service seeker will also be paying for the cost of the call, although not at a premium rate.)

We want to make things as easy and straightforward as possible for you, so we have created a how-to video to help you set up this service.

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